November 11, 2020

Digital Events: Toward a Healthier Corporate Culture with Yoga

Digital Events

Our offerings:

Yoga, Relaxation and Wellness activities for your next online meeting or digital Event. 

Working from home and sheltering in place offer fewer natural opportunities for movement than the office. Make a decisive move toward a healthier corporate culture by programming your team short movement and relaxation units as part of your next online meeting or event!

Turiya Founder Rachel Brooker at a corporate event in Berlin

Yoga-Icebreakers: 2- 10-minute snippets, ideal between lectures, workshops or online presentations to reup your teams concentration and mental fitness with relaxation, movement and mindfulness exercises. A clear mind = disruptive solutions!

Yoga classes: Online yoga classes, tailored to the appropriate experience and fitness levels. On the mat or in your desk chair! You determine the length- 15 – 90 minutes. Yoga reduces pain and supports confidence, calm and mental fitness and feels great. A users manual to „keep calm and carry on“!

Deep relaxation: Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, can release mental and physical tensions in less than an hour. Has been known to make online conference and event organizers particularly popular among participants. ūüėČ

Mindfulness practices: Breathing exercises, visualisations and easy-to-apply meditation techniques for an affective path toward inner peace and openness. 

15-Minute-Yoga: The Yoga Powerbar

Yoga, breathing and meditation techniques that your team can learn from us in only 15 minutes, with an illustrated version to practice along with in the office, in the car, as a mini-break during long meetings or even as a group during difficult conversations within the team. We offer an additional coaching packages to train managers and team leaders how best to integrate 15-Minute-Yoga into their team culture and routines.  A tremendous step forward along the path toward a healthier, more respectful corporate culture.

I’d like to thank you again especially for the great collaboration in the last few months, especially that everything worked out so smoothly! We will definitely recommend you to other businesses!

Janine Buder, Modomoto Human Resources Department

One of our most beloved Online seminars addresses a how we can process stress in the a healthy and creative way:

Transforming Stress ‚Äď 60 Minuten to a lasting, measurable change in your relationship to Stress

Ever profited from stress, used it to improve your cardiac health or connect more closely to friends, family or colleagues? Using techniques brilliantly described by Kelly McGonigal in her Ted Talk, we create a short intervention for a lasting change in individual and group processing of stressful situations. We learn about the latest research on stress and how we can use it as a source of strength and energy, and end our session with a deep relaxation exercise. 

Tiefste Entspannung, erhöhte Produktivität: mit Turiya Firmenyoga.

Yoga supports concentration, emotional health and team interconnectedness. Give us a call or contact us via WhatsApp or Email to find out how we can support you and your team.

+49 176 633 745 13, yoga at turiya.berlin 

We also offer private yoga instruction and coaching online, which is a great alternative for managers and others who may not be able to take advantage of group streaming offers. Use your „me-time“ as effectively as possible and come out deeply refreshed and supported. More information: info at turiya.berlin